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We have international experience, having implemented tokenization projects for a number of companies, all over the world. In the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry, we are familiar with the constant volatility and are able to adapt to it effectively, allowing us to implement solutions that have a real impact and bring tangible benefits to our clients.


About us

We Are Verified

Our company has earned significant recognition in the industry, highlighting our expertise and reliability. We have been honored as the Top Blockchain Consulting Company 2023 by Clutch, a testament to our excellence and leadership in the field. Our active participation in major events like ETHCC 2023 and WebSummit 2022, where we’ve engaged in panel discussions and lectures, further cements our reputation. Additionally, our official partnerships with renowned industry leaders such as Chainlink and the Token Engineering Academy showcase our commitment to staying at the forefront of blockchain innovation and trusted practices.

We Are Pioneers

Since the birth of Token Engineering, we have been at the forefront, actively shaping the industry and its practices. Our involvement from the inception of this discipline signifies our dedication to pioneering new frontiers in blockchain technology. By being part of this evolutionary journey from the start, we have gained unique insights and experiences that position us as leaders in the field, ready to guide our clients through the evolving landscape of token engineering with innovative and forward-thinking solutions.

We Are Practitioners

As a team of practitioners, builders, and hackers, we believe in a hands-on approach. Our ethos is grounded in the principle of ‘trying before preaching’ – we test our strategies and ideas rigorously within our team first. Our diverse experience spans startups, mid-sized companies, enterprises, and decentralized protocols, equipping us with a profound understanding of varied challenges across the spectrum. Our team is continuously expanding its expertise and venturing into new fields, ensuring that we provide you with practical, tested, and up-to-date guidance.

We speak your language

Crypto can be complicated, but our focus is on making it accessible and understandable to everyone. We excel in breaking down complex concepts into simpler terms, ensuring that regardless of your industry background or familiarity with crypto, you grasp the essentials. Whether you are new to tokenization or a crypto OG, we ensure effective communication and understanding. Our ability to speak ‘your language’ enables us to bridge gaps and foster a collaborative and inclusive environment for all our clients.

Clutch Awards


“Tokenomia.pro performed its tasks flawlessly and delivered everything on time. The reliable team communicated effectively and frequently, ensuring a smooth workflow. Their valuable insights, consulting support and cost-effective solutions set them apart.”


Managed by industry leaders

Łukasz Szymański

Chief Executive Officer

Lukasz brings a wealth of diverse experience to the complex field of token engineering, spanning software engineering, economics, business, management, and game theory. His unique multidisciplinary perspective has been shaped by more than a decade in the technology industry, including a six-year tenure as Director of Engineering at OLX Group, a global network of marketplace platforms serving more than 300 million monthly users in 30 countries.

Additionally, reinforcing his profile is his academic proficiency, with a successful Executive MBA from the Poznań University of Economics among numerous other courses from renowned institutions such as Harvard Business School. He is a respected voice in academia, serving as a lecturer at leading institutions such as the Poznań University of Economics, where he imparts knowledge on financing blockchain projects.

He has long been a pioneer in the field of token engineering, as evidenced by his role as the local host of the Token Engineering Academy in Poland. Not content with just acquiring knowledge, he is committed to sharing his extensive expertise and insights widely. He is a regular speaker at major conferences such as ETHCC 2023 and WebSummit 2022, ensuring that his insights reach a wide audience in the industry.

This combination of hands-on management experience, academic excellence and a deep commitment to advancing the field of token engineering makes him uniquely suited as a guide for navigating the complex landscape of token economics.

Łukasz Braciszewski

Chief Strategy Officer

Lukasz, the co-founder of Tokenomia.pro, brings over 20 years of experience in the commercial environment to the forefront of our venture. His journey in the cryptocurrency market dates back to its early days, during which he has made significant contributions to pivotal entities within this space. Notably, he has played integral roles in developing and advancing one of the biggest cryptocurrency aggregators, as well as the largest crypto exchange in Poland. Lukasz’s deep-seated knowledge and firsthand experience in the crypto world are invaluable to our team. His strategic vision and expertise not only guide Tokenomia.pro’s direction but also ensure that we remain at the cutting edge of blockchain technology. His leadership is instrumental in navigating the complexities of the cryptocurrency market, shaping Tokenomia.pro into a pioneering force within the industry.


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We trust the best

Dawid Kubas

Lead Token Engineer

Dawid plays a key role as the leader of the token engineering team. His educational background is impressive, being a graduate of AGH – AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow. In addition, Dawid enriches his experience by actively participating as co-host of the Token Engineering Academy in Poland. His four-year technical practice includes working with a variety of systems, which confirms his comprehensive competence. He gained knowledge by attending numerous courses, including those offered by prestigious institutions such as CERN, the Token Engineering Academy and DaftAcademy. Recognition of his talent and commitment also comes in the form of a scholarship he received through the PepsiCo Foundation ExCEL awards program.

Nikodem Szyszka


Nikodem is a valued member of our team, with a degree from Jagiellonian University in Krakow. He has extensive experience in data analysis, which makes his contribution to projects invaluable. He specializes in mathematical modeling and dynamic systems, which allows him to successfully solve complex analytical problems. In addition, his competence and dedication have been recognized by the POB SciMat program of the Jagiellonian University, thanks to which he received a prestigious scholarship. Nikodem continues his professional path, using and developing the knowledge and skills he has acquired.

Krzysztof Gierula

Token Engineer

Krzysztof, a pivotal member of our team, brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise from his background in Robotics and Automation, a field in which he excelled during his studies at AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow. His academic foundation has equipped him with a deep understanding of the intricacies of control systems, a skill set that is invaluable to our work. In our team, Krzysztof is the go-to expert for Control Theory, an area that is crucial for developing and managing the complex automatic protocols that underpin our projects. His ability to apply sophisticated control strategies ensures that our automated systems are both efficient and reliable, making him an indispensable asset to our team’s success in navigating the challenges of blockchain technology.

Kasia Opałek

Token Engineer

Kasia, an esteemed member of our team, hails from the prestigious Jagiellonian University, where she specialized in Cognitive Science. This discipline, focusing on the intricate study of behavior in complex systems, has perfectly poised her for the challenges we face in the blockchain sphere. Kasia’s expertise is especially pivotal when it comes to analyzing behavioral dynamics within decentralized systems and crafting effective governance frameworks for DAOs (Decentralized Autonomous Organizations). Her deep understanding of cognitive processes and behavioral patterns is instrumental in developing strategies that promote harmonious collaboration and efficient decision-making within these complex ecosystems.

Kamil Jamróz

Blockchain Expert

Kamil brings a wealth of experience as a Solutions Architect, specializing in Backend Microservices and Blockchain technologies, including proficiency in Bitcoin, Solidity, Cosmos, and Substrate. Kamil’s extensive experience designing and implementing high-frequency trading (HFT) platforms and cryptocurrency payment solutions, and contributions to major projects like Ethereum, Balancer, and Gnosis make him an invaluable asset to our team. His ability to handle various technical challenges, including developing DeFi ecosystems and working on advanced blockchain solutions, will significantly enhance our capabilities in any project.

Piotr Grzesiak

Full Stack Web3 Developer

Piotr, our esteemed Full Stack Web3 Developer, brings to the Tokenomia.pro team over 15 years of experience in designing and developing various information systems. His specialization includes creating comprehensive frontend and backend solutions, as well as Web3 implementations, making him a key figure in our projects. Piotr also demonstrates exceptional experience in the Web3 industry, confirmed by the successful projects he has completed, including financial applications of critical importance. His ability to create secure, scalable, and efficient web applications makes him an indispensable expert.

Kamil Tomaszek

UX / UI Designer

Kamil stands out with ten years of commercial experience in the field of UI/UX, covering a wide range of topics. At Tokenomia.pro, he specializes in providing the best user experience for Web3 audiences, which is possible thanks to his extensive knowledge gained while working on numerous blockchain projects. His deep understanding of the needs and behaviors of users in the Web3 world allows for the design of intuitive and efficient interfaces that not only attract but also retain users. Thanks to this, Kamil has become an invaluable asset to our team, contributing to the creation of projects that are not only technologically advanced but also maximally user-friendly.

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