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Crypto Economy Architects

We help you to design and optimize token economies through modeling and simulations


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Crypto Economics

We design and analyze protocols that govern the production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services in a decentralized digital economy.


Token Engineering

We blend economic theory, computer science, game theory, and behavioral economics to address various aspects of tokens within their intended economic and technical environments.


Dynamic Tokenomics

We specialize in creating adaptive token models that evolve with market changes, maximizing value and utility.


Incentive Optimisation

We design systems that ensure alignment of interests among stakeholders, fostering growth and participation to drive network flywheel.


Risk Mitigation

We prioritize risk management in blockchain implementations, safeguarding your assets and operations from volatility.

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Governance Design

We design governance frameworks for decentralized systems that assure collaborative engagement toward organizational goals.


Blockchain Development

We build custom blockchains with advanced technologies like Substrate, Cosmos SDK, and Polygon CDK. Our focus is to tailor these to fit your project’s specific needs, ensuring a powerful and efficient blockchain solution.


Smart Contract Development

Our team is skilled in Solidity and Rust, allowing us to develop smart constracts for various blockchain platforms. We focus on creating secure, efficient contracts that meet your project’s objectives.


Decentralized Apps Development

Our team covers all aspects of DAPPs development, from UI/UX design to frontend, backend and Web3 development. We provide a complete service package to build robust and user-friendly decentralized applications.

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The best first step is to talk to our consultant. During a free consultation, you can check the consultant’s competences and look for initial solutions to the challenge that is currently most important for your project.


Who do we work with


We assist DeFi platforms in enhancing liquidity strategies, refining token utility and value propositions, and navigating the complexities of platform usage and fee generation mechanisms.


Our expertise lies in balancing token rewards and economic sustainability, ensuring player engagement and retention while maintaining a robust and fair GameFi ecosystem.


We specialize in fostering active governance participation, equitable token distribution, and aligning stakeholder incentives to promote the long-term success of Decentralized Autonomous Organizations.


Our team excels in navigating the challenges of asset tokenization and valuation, creating a liquid market for tokenized assets, and ensuring smooth integration of real-world assets into the digital realm.


We guide NFT platforms, including games, loyalty programs, and art, through the complexities of integrating decentralized technologies. Our focus is on enhancing user adoption, and maximizing the unique benefits of NFTs

DePIN & Blockchains

Our expertise lies in guiding DePIN and blockchain platforms, focusing on ensuring robust economic designs that reward network participants while minimizing risks of attacks by bad actors, enabling secure and efficient decentralized operations.


How we do it?


System discovery

We deeply explore and understand every aspect of the system, carefully examining its needs and how each component connects and interacts. This process results in a detailed specification that not only guides the economic setup and token system design but also provides a clear roadmap for project leaders and advisors, outlining the goals, key components, functionality, and growth stages of the system.

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System MODEL

We utilize advanced simulation tools to build a dynamic model based on the initial phase’s specifications, primarily using Python and the cadCAD/radCAD framework. This model allows us to simulate various scenarios, providing a foundation for crucial project decisions and ongoing adaptation, ensuring our strategies remain effective and responsive to the evolving environment.



We validate initial assumptions of the project through comprehensive system analysis, encompassing simulations of user numbers, resource dynamics, and fluctuations in both cryptocurrency and traditional business elements. This phase involves rigorous testing in hundreds of scenarios to assess the system’s response to various internal and external forces, and to identify necessary modifications, ensuring the project’s adaptability to current and future needs, including secondary market behaviors and token issuance strategies.


Building Trust Starts Here

Our company was founded on the principle of trust, a vital element in the rapidly evolving crypto and blockchain industry. We aim to demystify the complexities of crypto-economics, providing clear and reliable guidance.

Our focus is to build strong, trust-based relationships with our clients, ensuring they feel confident and supported as they navigate the cryptocurrency landscape with us as their trusted partner.

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What do our clients say?

Top Blockchain
Consulting Company 2023


Thanks to’s work, the client was able to add a news section to their portal and integrate a new CRM on the backend. The team offered great project management due to their responsiveness and high-quality work. Moreover, their Web3 ecosystem knowledge was impressive. executed their tasks flawlessly and delivered everything on time. The reliable team communicated effectively and frequently, ensuring a seamless workflow. Their valuable insights and consulting support and cost-effective pricing made them stand out.

Legends of Elysium enabled the client to analyze and create marketing materials independently. The team ensured constant availability, provided quality documents, and was open to questions and concept changes. Their extensive knowledge, timely delivery, expertise, and cost-effectiveness were commendable.

Clutch Awards



Why us?


We Are Verified

Our company has earned significant recognition in the industry, highlighting our expertise and reliability. We have been honored as the Top Blockchain Consulting Company 2023 by Clutch, a testament to our excellence and leadership in the field. Our active participation in major events like ETHCC 2023 and WebSummit 2022, where we’ve engaged in panel discussions and lectures, further cements our reputation. Additionally, our official partnerships with renowned industry leaders such as Chainlink and the Token Engineering Academy showcase our commitment to staying at the forefront of blockchain innovation and trusted practices.


We Are Pioneers

Since the birth of Token Engineering, we have been at the forefront, actively shaping the industry and its practices. Our involvement from the inception of this discipline signifies our dedication to pioneering new frontiers in blockchain technology. By being part of this evolutionary journey from the start, we have gained unique insights and experiences that position us as leaders in the field, ready to guide our clients through the evolving landscape of token engineering with innovative and forward-thinking solutions.


We Are Practitioners

As a team of practitioners, builders, and hackers, we believe in a hands-on approach. Our ethos is grounded in the principle of ‘trying before preaching’ – we test our strategies and ideas rigorously within our team first. Our diverse experience spans startups, mid-sized companies, enterprises, and decentralized protocols, equipping us with a profound understanding of varied challenges across the spectrum. Our team is continuously expanding its expertise and venturing into new fields, ensuring that we provide you with practical, tested, and up-to-date guidance.


We speak your language

Crypto can be complicated, but our focus is on making it accessible and understandable to everyone. We excel in breaking down complex concepts into simpler terms, ensuring that regardless of your industry background or familiarity with crypto, you grasp the essentials. Whether you are new to tokenization or a crypto OG, we ensure effective communication and understanding. Our ability to speak ‘your language’ enables us to bridge gaps and foster a collaborative and inclusive environment for all our clients.


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