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We cover economic and technical needs for crypto projects.


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Crypto Economics

We design and analyze protocols that govern the production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services in a decentralized digital economy.


Token Engineering

We blend economic theory, computer science, game theory, and behavioral economics to address various aspects of tokens within their intended economic and technical environments.


Dynamic Tokenomics

We specialize in creating adaptive token models that evolve with market changes, maximizing value and utility.


Incentive Optimisation

We design systems that ensure alignment of interests among stakeholders, fostering growth and participation to drive network flywheel.


Risk Mitigation

We prioritize risk management in blockchain implementations, safeguarding your assets and operations from volatility.

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Governance Design

We design governance frameworks for decentralized systems that assure collaborative engagement toward organizational goals.



Blockchain Development

We build custom blockchains with advanced technologies like Substrate, Cosmos SDK, and Polygon CDK. Our focus is to tailor these to fit your project’s specific needs, ensuring a powerful and efficient blockchain solution.

Smart Contract Development

Our team is skilled in Solidity and Rust, allowing us to develop smart constracts for various blockchain platforms. We focus on creating secure, efficient contracts that meet your project’s objectives.

Decentralized Apps Development

Our team covers all aspects of DAPPs development, from UI/UX design to frontend, backend and Web3 development. We provide a complete service package to build robust and user-friendly decentralized applications.

Security Audits

All of our technical solutions undergo thorough security audits conducted by RedTeam, a top team of security experts. This rigorous process ensures that each aspect of our blockchain development, smart contracts creation, and decentralized applications builds meets the highest standards of security and reliability.

Additional services

Tokenomics Audit

We have our own internal simulation engine that performs tokenomics audits, allowing us to analyze different market conditions through Monte Carlo simulations. This tool helps predict various scenarios for your token’s performance. Along with this technology, our team of analysts will provide insights and recommendations, offering tailored advice on improving and fine-tuning your token’s economic structure and liquidity strategies.

Onchain Economic Validation

Our on-chain economic validation service utilizes TokenSPICE: EVM Agent-Based Token Simulator to run simulations directly in a local EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) environment. This process involves testing the smart contracts provided by our clients in a controlled, simulated on-chain setting.

Building Trust Starts Here

Our company was founded on the principle of trust, a vital element in the rapidly evolving crypto and blockchain industry. We aim to demystify the complexities of crypto-economics, providing clear and reliable guidance.

Our focus is to build strong, trust-based relationships with our clients, ensuring they feel confident and supported as they navigate the cryptocurrency landscape with us as their trusted partner.

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