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DePIN enables the seamless integration of real-world devices and resources into a single decentralized framework, offering unprecedented opportunities for resource optimization and asset utilization. DePIN was created to leverage computational resources on devices owned by the average user which till now remained underutilized. Those innovative networks not only enhance operational efficiencies but also democratizes access to digital and physical resources globally, effectively lowering the entry barriers to often very exclusive market sectors.


What are Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Networks (DePIN)?

DePIN (Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Networks) is a blockchain-based network that rewards users with tokens for sharing resources and real-world devices like processors, storage, or cameras. These networks make use of existing devices, saving resources and avoiding the need to build new infrastructure. DePIN connects device owners in a decentralized network to perform tasks and share results, promoting independence from single providers, reducing supply risks and enhances the diversification of delivered solutions or data. This setup fosters choice among competitive providers and diversifies the solutions offered, including sensory and energy networks, cloud services, and storage systems.

Approach to DePin complicated infrastructure

The DePIN network is a complex infrastructure of connections between service providers, companies delivering these services to users, users themselves, and project creators overseeing the entire network. Therefore, it is crucial to understand not only the flow of tokens but also the services themselves. This requires the creation of appropriate economic models for the entire system, taking into account its specificities. Key elements include developing proper guidelines for service pricing and the methods of settlement between providers and end users. These projects often feature a burn-and-mint mechanism, which, when implemented, allows for a more balanced ecosystem. This mechanism helps maintain equilibrium even in the case of demand fluctuations.


What areas do we help in?


Tokenomics and token utility

Our team excels at designing tokenomics and assigning utility to tokens so they fit within the complex economic infrastructures of DePIN projects. We create comprehensive tokenomics and plan the token flow within the system. We allocate token pools in a way that they can anticipate all transactions, including indirect settlements, ensure seamless compensation for service providers, and establish reserves for the reward pool. The primary utility of the token is to power the network and facilitate smooth transactions. Our experts also consider the token’s investment value beyond its main utility, ensuring it remains attractive to investors.


Settlement Systems with Providers

Our company specializes in developing efficient and transparent settlement systems for DePIN projects. We plan and implement settlement systems between the main agents, including service providers, buyers, and intermediary companies. We address the needs of creators, of the system itself and the influence of external agents like speculators on prices. Our goal is to ensure that all transactions are seamless and transparent.


Agent Characterization

We conduct a comprehensive process to characterize all agents within the system. By understanding their needs and the psychology that drives their motivations, we can propose mechanisms that consider their interests. Our team identifies potential collusions between agents and the system, protecting your project from negative actions. We ensure that every agent’s role is clearly defined and aligned with the overall goals of the project.


System Incentives

Building an engaged community is critical to the success of any Web3 project. Our team designs comprehensive incentive systems to effectively engage all participants. We motivate users to stay within the system and develop mechanisms to reduce selling pressure. By creating a robust incentive structure, we help foster a vibrant and active community around your project.


Mathematical specification and Digital Twin

Our team turns your vision into reality through detailed mathematical specifications. These guidelines, documented in this form, can assist project developers and serve as a comprehensive manual for the developed solutions. Then the entire design process is translated into Economic Digital Twin, which is precise, reliable code written in the CadCAD language and developed in a Python environment.


Assumption Validation

Our token engineers specialize in validating the assumptions of the entire project. By running hundreds of scenarios in the simulation process, we identify potential opportunities and threats to the system. We pay particular attention to the dynamics of token flow through the system, ensuring its liquidity and the resilience of designed pools against depletion. Based on the simulation results, we then develop detailed recommendations, proposing solutions to existing problems, ideas for project development, and optimization of mechanisms. This final step is crucial to ensure the long-term development and success of your project.

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    Our Expertise

    We specialize in six key areas to ensure the success of your DePIN project

    System Discovery

    We enhance your DePIN project idea into concrete solutions and mechanisms, leveraging the experience and research of our team.

    System Mapping

    We map your system using methods such as Stock & Flow and agent relationship mapping to understand every asset flow and motivation within the DePIN system.

    Mathematical Specification

    Every mechanism we propose comes with a complete mathematical specification and working examples, making it understandable even for non-technical stakeholders and serving as guidelines for developers.

    Digital Twin Creation

    We create a digital twin, coded in CadCAD within a Python environment, which replicates your entire economic system before implementation.


    This allows us to test the functionality and potential of all mechanisms, as well as understand the system dynamics, all before starting to write smart contracts. We anticipate project behavior under various conditions to test its resilience and adaptability.

    Technical Implementation

    Based on the created and validated system specification, we proceed to implement smart contracts. This step translates theoretical solutions into working technological components.

    Building Trust Starts Here

    Our company was founded on the principle of trust, a vital element in the rapidly evolving crypto and blockchain industry. We aim to demystify the complexities of crypto-economics, providing clear and reliable guidance.

    Our focus is to build strong, trust-based relationships with our clients, ensuring they feel confident and supported as they navigate the cryptocurrency landscape with us as their trusted partner.

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    Frequently asked questions

    How can DePIN consulting benefit my project?
    DePIN consulting provides expert guidance to define your project’s roadmap, stabilize economic mechanisms, settlement mechanisms, characterize agents, create incentive structures and comprehensive project models. Additionally, you receive mathematical specifications, a digital twin, and confirmation of the system’s effectiveness through simulation results. This ensures your project is strategically positioned within the evolving DePIN environment.
    What does Crypto Economics consulting involve?
    Crypto Economics consulting involves analyzing and designing economic models within blockchain ecosystems. Our services include system discovery, stock and flow analysis, mathematical specifications, creating digital twins, conducting simulations, and overseeing technical implementation. We aim to optimize your project’s economic strategies for sustainability, growth, and adaptability in the volatile crypto market.
    Can you assist projects at any stage of development?
    Yes! We can assist projects at every stage of development. Whether you have a well-defined vision that needs validation of assumptions or you’re just starting out with preliminary ideas that need to be translated into concrete mechanisms, we’re here to help. Our team can provide guidance from the initial phases of design to validation. We also offer support through blockchain development, ongoing operational support, and system evaluations. Our services are continuously evolving to meet the specific needs of our clients, allowing us to support other project phases as well. If you’re unsure whether we can help with your project, feel free to schedule a meeting with us.
    How to design the economy in DePin?
    Designing the economy in DePin involves determining the tokenomics, incentive structures, and economic models that will govern transactions, rewards, and governance within the decentralized ecosystem.
    What is key in infrastructure protocols?
    In infrastructure protocols, key factors include scalability, security, and interoperability. Ensuring robust governance mechanisms and maintaining decentralization while achieving efficient coordination and resource management are also crucial.
    Can you implement a Token into DePIN just like other projects?
    Yes, a token can be implemented into a DePIN project similarly to other blockchain projects. However, it is essential to tailor the tokenomics and integration to address the specific requirements and challenges of physical infrastructure.
    To which blockchain protocols can you implement a Token?
    Tokens can be implemented on various blockchain protocols, including Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Solana, and Polygon. The choice of protocol depends on factors such as transaction speed, security, and the specific needs of the project.
    How to establish settlement methods with companies that are suppliers?
    Establishing settlement methods with supplier companies typically involves defining payment terms, considering factors like currency options, transaction fees, and ensuring transparency and reliability in financial transactions within the DeFi framework.
    Does DePIN have limitations?
    Yes, DePIN (decentralized physical infrastructure networks) can have limitations, such as regulatory challenges, scalability issues, and the need for robust security measures. Additionally, integrating physical infrastructure with blockchain technology can present technical and logistical hurdles. However, any well-thought-out project can become a DePIN if it meets the need and adds value and efficiency.
    What is System Discovery, and why is it important?
    System Discovery is the initial phase where we gather in-depth insights into your project’s goals, existing systems, and market environment. It’s crucial for understanding the core mechanics driving your ecosystem, allowing us to identify opportunities for optimization and innovation.
    How do you use Stock & Flow in your consulting?
    We use Stock & Flow analysis to map out the inflows and outflows of resources within your project, helping us understand the dynamics of your economic activities. This aids in identifying inefficiencies and opportunities for enhancing your project’s economic health.
    What does Mathematical Specification entail?
    Mathematical Specification involves translating your project’s economic concepts into precise mathematical models. These models serve as a blueprint for designing robust economic systems, ensuring theoretical soundness and practical viability.
    Can you explain the concept of a Digital Twin / System Model?
    A Digital Twin is a virtual replica of your project that allows us to simulate and forecast outcomes without risking actual assets. It’s a powerful tool for experimenting with different strategies and predicting potential issues in a controlled environment.
    How do Simulations benefit my project?
    Simulations enable us to explore various scenarios and predict the behavior of your project under different conditions. They help validate our models, adapt strategies in real-time, and ensure your project is resilient and adaptable to market changes.
    What is involved in the Technical Implementation phase?
    Technical Implementation is the process of deploying the developed models and strategies into working technology. This includes the setup of smart contracts, blockchain infrastructure, and ensuring the system is secure, efficient, and scalable.
    How do you ensure the models and strategies are aligned with real-world scenarios?
    Our models and strategies are rigorously tested through simulations that mimic real-world scenarios, including market fluctuations and user behavior changes. This ensures that our solutions are not only theoretically sound but also practical and adaptable.
    What makes your consulting firm unique in the field of Crypto Economics?
    Our firm stands out due to our comprehensive and tailored approach, which covers every aspect of Crypto Economics consulting from system discovery to on-chain validation. Our flexibility to engage at any project stage, combined with our expertise in modeling, simulation, and technical implementation, ensures that we can provide value-driven solutions regardless of where you are in your project lifecycle.

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